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David Bradley

David Bradley, Founder & Principal of Just Mortgages, Inc. in Dallas, TX welcomes you to his blog and website. As a trusted expert in the mortgage industry and as a CPA, David Bradley has the education and industry experience you’re looking for to help you through your real estate transactions.

Who is David Bradley you ask? David has been an entrepreneur since he was 11 years old. At the age of 14, he built the second largest portable sign company in his home town which he sold at age 18 to attend college. David received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi with a major in Accounting.

As an entrepreneur and Certified Public Accountant that understands the importance of financial education and the application of the principals learned. David’s next entrepreneurial launch was Just Mortgages, a mortgage brokerage firm he established in 2001, and incorporated in 2002.

David’s interest in real estate as an investment vehicle led to a real passion for the industry. With his CPA background, founding Just Mortgages brokerage firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was the perfect tie-in to bring his passions for sound accounting practice and real estate together.

In 2004, David launched another facet of his career, speaking and teaching on the investment skills he’d developed over the years. That was the same year “The Just Mortgages Show” (a radio broadcast) hit the air waves of Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The show covered a variety of subjects from investment real estate, mortgage financing alternatives, to credit restoration techniques.

The radio show was initially a one (1) hour show, it later became a two (2) hour show at the request of the station’s management. David has a unique method for teaching others about real estate purchasing for personal use or as an investment segment within your portfolio. Home Ownership is the cornerstone of your financial plan and the managing of this asset through intelligent mortgage planning is critical for your financial success.

David is a licensed Mortgage Broker in the State of Texas and is active in church activities and enjoys spending time with his family as well as furthering his excitement for sports cars. David is married to his beautiful wife, Cris, of 21 years and has two children, Portia and Seth. If you would like to schedule an appointment with David please call our Dallas/Fort Worth, Just Mortgages Office at 214-710-1258.